About Vrepair

Vrepair makes it easier to get jobs done in and around your home, saving you time and money. Our customers enjoy an easy-to-use, convenient online platform to find and book well qualified technicians for their Dream Home.

Washing Machine Installation & Repair

Clean clothes are important for your well-being, so when a laundry appliance is playing up, it’s time to pay attention and get in the professionals.

AC Installation, Repair & Maintenance

One cannot emphasise enough on the need of regular air conditioning cleaning and maintenance in order to increase the lifespan of your ACs. This in turn ensures that your running costs are kept in check.


Fridges always get top priority and will be looked ASAP. The refrigerator is most needed appliance! You need speedy, expert repair service so you don’t end up wasting food or suffering food borne illness.

What We Do?

Vrepair makes it easier to get jobs done in and around your home, saving you time and money.

Water Purifier Installation & Repair

Drinking safe and clean water is important in order to prevent disease and stay healthy. With water pollution on the …

Dish Washer Installation & Repair

We specialize in dishwasher repairs. Servicing a wide range of brands and models.

Range Hood Installation

Rangehood installation should always be installed by a professional, as they are always placed above cooking surfaces with oil and hot pans you wouldn’t want to risk any potential problems.

Cooktops & Stove Repairs

Is your cook top not heating properly? Have you got issues with a stove indicator light? V-Repair is the perfect …

Microwave Repairs

Finding the best microwave repairer doesn’t have to be a risky or time consuming process. Whether you’re looking for the lowest cost, the quickest, or the most experienced — V-Repair makes it easy.

Laptop, Desktop, Computer Repair & Home Service

V-Repair is the perfect solution in Kannur to repair your laptop and desktop at your home. We are a team …

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