Refrigerator Installation & Repair

Fridges always get top priority and will be looked at ASAP. Strange noise, door seal or gasket torn, leak in the refrigerator, not making ice, frost buildup, no water in the dispenser, using too much power, compressor is not working, low cool etc. every thing is taken care at V-Repair

We Repair all leading brands of domestic home style Refrigerators. Should you seek an installation, our Technician will level your new purchase take the old appliance away.

Common Issues

• Excessive cooling
• Excessive levels of noise
• Freezer is fine, but fridge is not cold enough
• Problems with the freezer
• Problems with the light inside the fridge
• Both fridge and freezer do not cool
• Water leaks inside the fridge
• Unknown error message shows on the display panel
• Fridge compressor will not start